How To Add Private Channels on Roku?

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Are there different types TV Channels available via the Online Streaming Services?

It should be noted that, the enjoyment of a particular channel depends on its streaming service provider too.
The main three Channel categories with Online Streaming Services (like ROKU) are:
Paid Channels
The paid channels can be subscribed using the following two ways by means of
Either a Credit Card
Or through a Pay-Pal account
E.g.: Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime etc
Free Channels
These are absolutely free of costs and can be added to your ROKU account without making a payment.
E.g.: YouTube, Sky News, Cartoon Network etc.
Private Channels
These are the hidden gems of any Online Streaming Services. Interestingly, 95% of them are legally accepted by the Streaming Services and can be downloaded for free. Unlike, the other two channel sections, adding a Private Channel involves a slightly different method compared to others as well.
E.g.: iTunes Podcasts, Great Chefs, Nowhere TV etc..0

What are ‘The Private Channels’ on ROKU?

Taking ROKU com as an example, Private-Channels are the channels that aren’t under either the paid or the free categories. Indeed they aren’t available on the general channel listings in the ROKU Play Store.
This is because
The Private Channels may need viewer discretion due to
Mature content
Has an unofficial nature etc.
Also, third party channels might also be included in this list of Private Channels.
Similarly, some channels/websites without an administrator recognition by ROKU can also be accessed though the ‘Private Channel’ listing.
(Even though, they aren’t formally identified by ROKU; they are permitted to be broadcasted through the ROKU base).

How can I add a Private Channel to my ROKU Account?

Interestingly, to access the Private-Channel list on ROKU, you need to follow the steps given below. To add the Private Channel(s) to your ROKU account you will have to,
Access the ROKU website through and go to the log-in section
Fill in the account information to sign-in to your official ROKU Account
Go to the section that shows ‘My Account’
Find the ‘Manage Account’ choice and pick ‘Add Channel’.
At this time,
Fill in the Channel Code for the Channel you would like to add.
E.g. for Great Chefs fill in the code ‘greatchefs’, for ROKU Movies fill in ‘zb34ac’ etc.
Following that,
Opt for ‘Add Channel’ and then click ‘OK’.
After adding the channels you like your system will ask permission for a re-boot.
Accept that and start the re-boot process.
Within a time frame of 4 to 24 hours, this process gets complete.
The private channel selections are added to your Roku Account.
On the other hand, for a fast update/re-boot to add the private-channels, you can try the following fast-track process too. For that,
Go to the ‘Setting’ in your ROKU Account
Access ‘My System’ form the settings menu
Select ‘System Update’ form the drop down menu
Choose ‘OK’.
These steps will enable your system for a faster re-boot. Subsequently, enjoy your ‘ROKU Private Channels’ at ease.

What are some of the top private channels to view (legally) in 2020?
Undoubtedly, the best 14 Private Channels to view on ROKU in 2020 are:
Nowhere TV
Wilderness Channel
iTunes Podcasts
ROKU Movies
Great Chefs
Space Time Free (the content is supplied by space agencies. A treasure trove for Astronomy enthusiasts)
Load Runner Remake ( a video game . Perfect for classic gaming fans)
Update my channels (the perfect archive for auto-updating the ROKU software)
Nowhere Coin (applicable for bit coin buffs)
The Silent Movie Channel
Bloomberg TV (For financial news updates)
Red-Bull TV (high-performance sports content)
MultiLive (mainly has European TV Channels)
Whether Radar
Etc. etc…